Videography and design

I often find it baffling, when I talk to other videographers, how far off the mark they tend to be in terms of design, fashion and style.  Although I love film-making, I’m aware that currently, I am not a film-maker; I’m a videographer, who makes corporate videos professionally and short “films” privately.  So, I believe in order to be successful, I should keep my finger on the pulse and keep up with the latest developments in fashion and design, read the right blogs and magazines.  If I fall behind, my footage will become dated.

The number of times great footage is ruined by out-of-date editing or poor transitions by “well-trained” people is just shocking.  I always think, training can’t teach you class.  That’s not to say that I necessarily have an abundance of it, but I try to keep it simple so the product and filming can speak for themselves.

I often talk to web-developers to see where they think web-design is going and how I can stay ahead of the trend – how I can identify what defines the trend and really how I can stay on my toes.  I don’t know about other people, but I can’t stand when my work is poorly displayed on a website.  Talking to developers and knowing their side as well, helps.  Just plonking it on youtube and embedding it is lazy and looks poor.  Knowing about the best compression for websites and keeping up with these trends is important for piece of mind in your work.  Being able to make a 4 minute video in 480p look great, but only take up 10 or 15 mb, hence not affecting the bandwidth is very important and can mean the difference between a client using you again or not.

I always try to bear in mind that the videography industry is ever-changing and arguably finite, so staying ahead of the game is one of the most important parts of what I do.

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