My Little Saviours

Filming on the go can be a bit tricky.  I just filmed a project in Barcelona for Codorniu, a large Cava company in Spain. I was really quite panicked about travelling abroad, especially given the weight restrictions (which we were within, to the kilo) but also, I didn’t have my setup which meant when I wipe the cards to film the next day, I could be sure they would be fine.  I also worried about it all being deleted on the journey back.

I swear by G-tech external drives and I love the G-Raid drive for my editing.  So I decided to invest in these little bad boys:

The G-Drive mini.  They take a hell of a shock and they run off the USB power.  So they’re easy to travel with and best of all, they have a firewire 400 and 800 in input:

I packed one in the carry-on luggage and one under the plane, both in anti-static bags.  I’m always afraid that Security won’t know what external hard-drives are; I know, me being pessimistic, but it’s best to be safe.

One of the best things about these though is the price point, firewire transfer, high storage capacity, high shock resistance and all for around £70, but keep an eye on ebay, because you can pick these up for about £45 brand new.  I’m always looking for a deal.

So, when in Barcelona, I could have these on location with my laptop and transfer and log video and sound and back it up on both drives.  Maybe I should’ve gotten one more just to be super-safe, but I took a risk with two.  And it paid off.  I couldn’t have been happier.  So, keep an eye out for these for storage – obviously you can’t edit with them, they’re just not quick enough without the raid function.

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