Filming for the University of Brighton

I was fortunate enough to have the University of Brighton provide me with my first proper paid job as a videographer.  Since then, they asked me to film 3 more videos for them, which is great; so far it has been an exciting process, each video with more potential than the last.

After a morning of computer RAM upgrades and some frantic editing, I now have an afternoon shoot with 5 Masters Students.  We’re filming in a Cafe in East Dean called the Frith and Little, with the best Brownies known to mankind (my Sister’s do rival them though).  So, I’m all packed up and about to leave, it’s only a small shoot and a small location, so I don’t want to be packed with gear, or take liberties with space in the shop.  However, time is limited, so I’m taking both cameras, so I can switch easily and obviously I need to roll external sound, which given my current setup is always a bit of a nightmare.  Anyway, I’ll get some stills throughout so I can show the setup and how it all goes.

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