Fancier FC=02H tripod review

So, the new tripod arrived about a 2 weeks ago and I finally had a chance to review it.  I’m including some pictures and a video:

Here’s a link to Paul Joy’s blog and his recommendations on adaptor plates:

I’m really happy with the tripod, a few bits to note.  The construction isn’t amazing, but it’s lightweight, with movement on the head.  The catches for the legs are easy to use and great for setting up quick shots. The counterbalance is a good way to balance the camera on the tripod and provides some good resistance when tilting.  The legs are made of metal, but the hinges are plastic.  Overall it’s decent, but I’m not really sure if it’s any better or worse than the Weifeng WF-717, so it’s up to you really.

5 thoughts on “Fancier FC=02H tripod review

    • Hiya,

      After a few months of using it, it’s still much like I said in the review. Some good things, some poor things. The good things include being a bit taller than the weifeng and being able to adjust the legs almost to high-hat settings (depending on the weight of the camera of course). However, little nuts and bolts have fallen off. It’s construction isn’t too great. I’d recommend that people look elsewhere really. It needs some improvements.


  1. Good review. With regards to setting the tripod low; after removing the spreader, can you adjust how low the legs spread, or does it just go all the way down? Thanks.

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