Shoot for TDG

So, we did a big shoot for for their new website, covering their approach to work.  It was shot on a white background, with a clean, stylish look to it.  The actual video will be up very soon, but in the meantime, here’s how we lit it:

We used a variety of lights, 4 Flourescents with soft-boxes and two red-heads with blue filters. The tricky thing is to light the subject really well, so they jump out of the background, not just fade in, but they also need to look interesting. The client didn’t want much in the way of shadow, but we still needed just enough to give perspective. So, only one, fill light was used.

The star of the show was the overhead light on the boom, which was great for the interview. We softened it up a lot with some fairly thick filters on so the light was very soft. This helped add perspective and worked as a key.

We also used a fairly powerful hair light due to the white background, which gave some dimension to the subject. In hindsight, I think we softened the hair light too much; it could have been harsher and had a more intense result, but next time, this would be a great technique. Then we added an extra key light at head height, shooting sideways to smooth out any shadows.

Thanks for tuning in.

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