So, I’ve held off saying anything on FCPX as I didn’t want to jump on the band wagon and to be honest; I hadn’t had the opportunity to really sink my teeth into it.  My rule is to always be cautious, if people are raving about it, chances are it’s awful, if people are hating it, chances are they may be missing something.  I didn’t bother getting it for a month or so after the launch as I initially, out of fear considered switching to Adobe, but when Adobe, at half-price wanted £900 for the whole package, I was a little bit put off, not to mention their inability to price products at a different numerical value in pounds and dollars.  It would have been cheaper for me to fly out and buy it in the US, then bring it back (not really but you get my point) it was about £600 with the exchange rate, so I felt like I didn’t want to give up my hard-earned money to a company who aren’t working hard to keep prices down for me.

Then, despite all the warnings, one evening, I decided, hell, I’ll give FCPX a shot.  Now, unlike most, I didn’t hate it initially.  I didn’t love it, but I certainly didn’t loathe it.  Sure, there are some features missing, personally, many of the pro features of FCP 7 I had no need for.  Some I did, and miss them on FCPX.  I’ve now edited a few big projects for clients using FCPX it’s a little bit glitchy and probably my biggest beef is that Command+S doesn’t work, I just like pressing it I think – it just feels safer.  The thing is with FCPX is it’s just a different way of thinking about editing.  It feels counter-intuitive at first, but once you get used to it, there are some great things that can be done with it.  For really big projects, for now I’ll still use FCP 7, but aspects like Colour Grading and multi-codec editing make my workflow so much quicker.  I don’t have to waste hours and storage transcoding my clips into 422 (I’m sure 422 would help) but it just takes so much damn time.

One real negative I would say though and maybe this is as much to do with Lion as it is to do with FCPX: I have an 8 Core Mac Pro 2.4ghz with 14gb of RAM and sometimes it really slows the whole system down – when it’s on my quad core macbook pro 2ghz with 4 gb of RAM it really slows down (but that’s to be expected really) still it’s pretty damn quick.  On the reverse of that, I can edit another project without any slow-down when I’ve got a project compressing in compressor – FCP7 just couldn’t handle that.  I think with the right changes, this could really become a powerful tool.  I’ve just finished a video for http://www.mytuxedo.co.uk with some pretty fast paced editing in and I don’t know if I would of had the balls to do it in FCP7 but I felt comfortable doing it in FCPX.

More to come perhaps.

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