LOLCat Teh Documentary

LOLCat Teh Documentary – Where art meets the internet

In order to create the LOLCAT film, we wanted to approach the piece in a style consistent with our own style, and unique to the genre. Most exhibition pieces are approached with an event videography style, whereas Other Finger Films want to tell stories; our passion is stories, so we treated the piece as a documentary, as a story of the people behind the event. The approach was to look at the power of self-belief, positivity and social media, so a story could be created and told.
Created by Other Finger Films (, in association with Jenny Theolin from Soapbox and Sons ( and Richard Osborne from Green Goat Films (

Music from the amazing Miss Emma – “Une Glace au Citron [A Lemon Ice] (acoustique)” by Miss Emma (, “Des poissons, des oiseaux [Fish, Birds]” by Miss Emma ( and “Bubble Gum” by Miss Emma ( Her awesome music allowed us to make this film what it is.

For more information on the exhibition, please visit


Directed by Jonathan Nicol
Edited by Jonathan Nicol
Assisted by Richard Osborne


The Framers Gallery
EventBrite UK
Vestal Vodka


Jolanta Zute
Phoebe Fitzroy
Andy Garland
James Oconnell

Special thanks to

All our artists
Lulubelles Cakes
Art Rabbit
FAD Website
Art Below
Daniel Mather Screenprinting
Ripe Digital
Francis O Donnell Smith

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